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How We Work

We work with corporations on discrete projects and ongoing programmes of work to identify opportunities for growth, diagnose and overcome barriers to change, and create solutions that deliver real results. 


Our consultants are experts in business, communications and human behaviour. This means that all our strategy work is built on a deep understanding of the people who will be called upon to deliver it. We help you achieve your business goals through deep actionable insight that unlock positive change and create growth.  


If you have a project that needs strategic understanding, or simply a challenge you want to talk through, let's talk. 

Case Studies
Thought Leadership Workshops: Institute of Civil Engineers
Our Work: Trivista Case Studies

With 95,000 members worldwide, the Institute of Civil Engineers promotes and advances civil engineering around the globe. The organisation recognised a need for senior members to connect with each other and explore opportunities to amplify their voices and lead the infrastructure debate.

Senior consultant and communications expert Tillie Harris developed a series of digital workshops that focused on Thought Leadership and how industry experts could best leverage their expertise and drive engagement to create a more sustainable future. Evaluation shows that the workshops had substantial impact, resulting in a range of thought leadership outputs, increased confidence and enhanced member engagement.

Communications strategy to increase market share: Projects Abroad International

Having recognised a diminishing market share, an international gap-year company commissioned our consultants to audit their end-to-end customer experience and develop a strategy to increase engagement and sales.


Senior Consultant Tillie Harris lead a team who mystery-shopped every aspect of client-facing operations and captured enablers and barriers to conversion. She then created a communication strategy that addressed internal and external needs and provided clear guidance for implementation. This included up-branding the organisation; social media strategy; significantly repackaging events and the introduction of an internal communications culture. The client actioned these recommendations and over a six-month period saw a significant return.

Brand identity and messaging package: British Heart Foundation

RevivR is the British Heart Foundation’s app that teaches anyone how to do CPR in 15 minutes, online, for free. Senior Consultant Tillie Harris led interviews with a range of stakeholders including individuals who have saved lives through CPR and those who have been saved. She then worked with a creative team to develop a visual and messaging identity for this product and created a range of assets, including social media and an email journey to engage the British public and create a nation of lifesavers.

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