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Engaging Workshops that Produce Results

When the right people get in a room and are supported by insightful and experienced facilitators, the results can be powerful and permanent. Whether you are looking to explore ideas, plan transitions or resolve current challenges, our high-energy workshops will leave you with a clear path forward and motivation to deliver.


With decades of real-world experience, we do a lot more than listen. Our challenging style sharpens focus, creates consensus, and ultimately contributes to a culture of growth. 


The majority of our work with senior teams is bespoke, but our catalog includes:

 Executive Workshops Catalog
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Personal Effectiveness for Leaders

This workshop designed specifically for senior teams promotes group alignment and individual skill-development, and is ideal for offsites, team building, and well-being days for your people leaders. Participants identify their core strengths and harness them to achieve real results.

Participants cover:

  • Personal brand and voice

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Decision-making and mindset

  • Resilience and stress management  


Available as one- and two-day workshops

Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders

The greatest leaders communicate with clarity, confidence and authenticity. This highly interactive workshop designed for senior teams shares research-based insight to enhance their communication skills. Participants cover

  • Personal style and body language

  • Interpersonal dynamics for one-to-ones and teams

  • Equality and inclusivity

  • Assertiveness

  • Handling conflict and difficult conversations

  • Public speaking and persuasiveness


Available as half-, 1- and 2-day workshops

Women in Leadership

This interactive and challenging course supports women to unlock their potential and lead authentically with impact. Participants will be supported to consider all aspects of their self-presentation, develop their understanding of interpersonal dynamics and learn practical approach that will make them more resilient and confident in delivering on their business goals. Participants cover:

  • Personal brand and narrative

  • Interpersonal dynamics, assertiveness and gendered communication

  • Defusing conflict and handling difficult conversations

  • Public speaking with video-feedback exercises 

  • Mindset, resilience and decision-making


Available as 1- to 3-day workshops

Women in the Workforce 

A combination of group coaching and practical exercises supports women to explore their communication and interaction style and develop new skills. Participants report increased personal confidence, greater ability to communicate effectively, and more ability to achieve ambitious goals.  Participants cover:

  • Self-presentation online and in-person

  • Communication styles and how to communicate assertively

  • Gendered communication

  • Challenging communications and conflict

  • Reframing for success

Available as 1- and 2-day workshops

The High Performing Team

For the business to fully realize its potential for growth, the dynamics between individuals is key. Harnessing strengths and elevating team performance results in improved communications, greater job satisfaction and bottom-line results.

This workshop helps each individual understand what they bring to a group dynamic and also supports teams to develop key skills to improve collaboration, creative problem-solving and group dynamics.


Available as a half-day or 1-day workshop.

Effective Communication Culture (Internal Communications)

Understanding how your organization’s values and practices shape communication between individuals and teams has the potential to unlock efficiency and growth and drive employee engagement and outcomes. Participants to audit current organization culture and networks, maps communication pathways over business strategy and supports the development of integrated, intentional and successful engagement.

Available in 1- and 2-day workshops

Preparing for rapid change or growth

Whether you have identified sudden growth or a loss of market-share, are transitioning to a new business model, or are merging separate enterprises, this expertly facilitated workshop will bring clarity around where you are and what will get you where you need to be.


Bring your key players together to pool insight, align vision and create an actionable business plan that delivers on your vision and goals.

This 1- to 3-day workshop is designed around the specific needs of your business.

Leveling up – taking your evolving business to the next level

Designed for businesses with an annual turnover of $5M to $50M, this bespoke workshop guides your senior team to take a 360 degree view of the business, via our 5Ps Rapid Analysis Model: Profit, Products, Processes, Procedures and People.


We will identify areas of opportunity as well as where organizational resource is yet to achieve an appropriate return. In these sessions, participants are likely to identify immediate actions that can increase profitability and reduce waste, as well as forming the basis for sound strategic and business planning.

This 2-day workshop is designed around the specific needs of your business.

Workshop Success Stories

"The workshop was engaging, informative and well delivered. The tasks were thought-provoking and encouraged discussion by the group. The training was relevant and used our own existing materials to make the exercises bespoke.”"

Technical Director  |  Richter Global

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