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You are a brand.

executive branding, personal brand, you are a brand

Attention business owners: whether you realize it or not, you are a brand.

Attention Execs: you are a brand.

Attention team leaders: you are a brand.

Your reputation, values, and the experiences you create define the overall perception people have of you / your business / your offerings.

No shame, but I still meet CEOs who think "brand" means "logo."

I still meet with senior executives who don't understand the power of being intentional with their personal brand.

I love these conversations because we get to talk about how being intentional about your business and/or personal brand *ONLY* matters if you care about things like:

- Competitive advantage

- Strategic alignment

- Differentiation

- Recruitment

- Productive, engaged employees

So, if...

Business brand = reputation built through customer/stakeholder experiences

Personal brand = reputation built through stakeholder experiences

...then the question on the table is, "How can we create the experiences we want to achieve the results that we want?"

Thus enters strategy, communications, relationship management, products/services, pricing, process, service excellence, visuals (yes, logos, too), etc.

P.S - More people IGNORE the importance of intentional branding than "get it wrong" when actually trying.

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