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Develop Your Workforce

Success in the workplace is as much how your team feel as what they think. That’s why our training courses encourage personal development as well as developing skills.


Our 1 and 2-day workshops support your most valuable resource – your people – to be become more confident, positive and energized. Our focus is on developing their skills and supporting them to deliver their best work. All our work is underscored by a deep understanding of human behaviour, which means every training event is also an opportunity to enhance personal effectiveness and motivate each individual’s commitment to the organization’s overall goals.  


Trivista Group trainings are made up of informal talks, interactive digital tools, group discussion and experiential learning. The training style is high energy, engaging, and pitched at a level that recognises existing skills and supports growth.

To discuss your training needs, or to book the Intensive (up to 16 participants) or Masterclass (17-60+ participants) get in touch. 

Communications Workshops & Training

Drawing on decades of experience working with big-brands and multi-national organisations, our one-day workshops take your team from where they are to where you need them to be. Whether it’s to develop a winning brand strategy or create a campaign to reach internal or external stakeholders, your team will complete the day with a tangible plan that they are all committed to delivering on.  


Workshops are built specifically around client-needs, but standard workshops include:

  • Brand strategy workshop

  • Stakeholder engagement workshop

  • Internal communications workshop 
  • Creating a campaign workshop

Ready to upskill your team?

Lets start a conversation on workshops and trainings to help your team.

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